Design teaches the mindset leading to the MYP grade 10 Personal Project, our destination. In addition to offering an inclusive environment, one of our prime goals is to create deeper connections and integration with the whole school. Although this may seems far reaching giving the relative previous isolation of the department, we believe that it is achievable and that it can both benefit the Product Design department and JH as an IB World School.

While being inspired by STEM and STEAM programs, and borrowing from the Maker movement, the JH Design department team will put the MYP design cycle at the centre of its teaching philosophy and guide its delivery model. A mix of inquiry, problem, project, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary based learning will be our focus and the vehicles for students to demonstrate real-life application of their acquired skills and knowledge.

The following materials and products will be introduced to students through out the course: Wood, metal, jewelry making, drafting & architecture, animation, robotics & electronics, 3D printing.

Design Department’s exhaustive unit list:

Product design                    Stop motion/animation        Jewelry

Digital design                       Graphic design                   Wed design

Electronics                           Robotics                              Environmental/Urban design    

Metal art                               Woodwork                          Drafting

3D Printing                           T-shirt printing                     Power Technology

Event planning                     Theatre production              Architecture

Marketing                             Accounting                          Economics