2020 News Articles #101 plus


105- Demand Destruction Will Decimate Oil Prices.

106- À quoi ressemblera le commerce international après la pandémie? 

107- We’re going to need a Marshall Plan to rebuild after COVID-19.

108- China Prepares To Close 'Oil Deal Of A Lifetime' In Iraq.

109- Coronavirus: 'Drop in global trade to be worse than 2008 crisis'.

110- The world hasn't seen a recession this bad since the 1930s.

111- Will there be meat shortages due to COVID-19?

112- IMF cancels debt payments for 6 months for 25 poor nations.

113- COVID-19: City of Vancouver at risk of bankruptcy, says mayor.

114- 'Worse than 9/11 and the 2008 crash combined': Global tourism takes a hit from Covid-19 

115- Oil prices rally then fizzle after historic OPEC deal to cut supply by 10%.

116- Great Depression Economics 101: What Historical Numbers And Charts From The Great Depression Foretell About The Economy And Stock Market.

117- Supply chain.

118- 'They're just exploitive': Restaurant owners say delivery apps are gouging them.

119- Why we won't run out of food during coronavirus.

120- Oil producers agree to cut production by a tenth.

121- The EU has bungled its response to coronavirus and it might never fully recover.

122- The coronavirus pandemic could threaten global food supply, UN warns 

123- Coronavirus pandemic: EU agrees €500bn rescue package.

124- How prepping for pandemics can lead to big economic returns. 

125- How a pandemic struck a British PM and changed the world. No, not this one.

126- Coronavirus: Worst economic crisis since 1930s depression, IMF says

127- Oil producers agree to cut production by a fifth.

128- Risk of protectionism.

129- Global pact forged to drastically cut oil production to contain price crash.

130- OPEC+ cuts.

131- With a global oil deal, Alberta's economy could finally catch a break.

132- The Reality Of The End Of Oil.

133- 'We make zero': How COVID-19 is likely to impact B.C.'s economy.

134- Coronavirus: Bangladesh locks down a million in Rohingya camps.

135- The day oil was worth less than $0 — and nobody wanted it.

136- The coronavirus pandemic has 'broken' the oil market. 

137- Seafarers in limbo as coronavirus hits shipping.

138- COVID-19 has world's major economies on track for worst quarterly decline in history.

139- Cracks form as governments face pressure from global debt burdens. 

140- Trump administration draws up plans to punish China over coronavirus outbreak.

141- Welcome to the worst economy ever.

142- Food delivery service Foodora says it's closing in Canada on May 11

143- Asia’s emerging markets brace for economic fallout of coronavirus.

144- Alberta sales tax?

145- Jack Ma: The billionaire trying to stop coronavirus (and fix China's reputation).

146- Tiff Macklem to lead the Bank of Canada.

147- How business leaders can prevent work-from-home burnout during the pandemic.

148- There's been no spike in personal and business bankruptcies, but surge is expected this fall.

149- US-China trade war: Trump admin takes aim at supply chains. 

150- Canadian shoe chain Aldo seeks creditor protection, citing pandemic pressure.

151- Like giant ice cream trucks, supermarkets on wheels get ready to roll into the neighbourhood.

152- This northern European city has moved its bars and restaurants outside. Will customers follow?

153- Retailer Neiman Marcus files for bankruptcy.

154- Shopify's success.

155- Depleted national stockpile leaves Canada reliant on China for masks, gowns and other supplies during pandemic.

156- Can Canada 'restart' its economy when the ones earning the least face the highest risk?

157- See McDonald's new European restaurant for the coronavirus era.

158- Air Canada reports $1.05B first-quarter loss due to impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

159- Bank of England Predicts Worst Contraction Since 1706.

160- How the Video Game Industry Is Changing.

161- How a year without concerts, festivals and conferences could hit B.C.'s economy.

162- Hudson's Bay Company has 350 years of history — but does it have a future?

163- Why Gen Z will be hit the hardest by the financial fallout from coronavirus?

164- Liberal government 'not thinking about raising taxes' right now, says Morneau.

165- A world in crisis even without the pandemic: Five looming problems.

166- Federal deficit likely to be higher than $252 billion.

167- Consumer prices off by most since '08 as virus slows economy.

168- Canada GDP down in March 2020

169- News China racism in USA

170- Covid-19: How the meat industry became a global health liability.

171- The pandemic could reshape the world order.

172- How bad are China's economic woes?

173- B.C.'s minimum wage increase of 75 cents will go ahead as planned, minister says

174- World Bank: Pandemic could force 60 million more people to live on less than $2 a day 

175- China boosts spending but no big steps for virus-hit economy.

176- Canada's inflation rate turned negative in April for first time since 2009.

177- A US-China trade war is the last thing the world economy needs now.  

178- Coronavirus 'could cost global economy $8.8tn' says ADB

179- Gold nears an eight-year high

180- Lawmakers eye options for removing key parts of supply chain from China. 

181- China has been trying to avoid fallout from coronavirus. Now 100 countries are pushing for an investigation. 

182- COVID-19: How much money you can expect from the Canada child benefit.

183- Coronavirus will reverse globalization and create regional supply chains: EIU

184- Deficit reduction will have to wait for the economic recovery, federal officials say.

185- B.C. restaurants aim to resume dine-in service from June 1.

186- Vancouver realtor suggests co-owning your dream home. 

187- B.C.'s population grew by 70,000 last year.

188- Wholesale coffee price

189- Coronavirus: The economic cost is rising in China and beyond. 

190- Carlton Cards, Papyrus stores closing within weeks. 

191- Trust In Capitalism Eroding As Inequality Worsens: Study.

192- Germany's economy has ground to a halt. The coronavirus could push it into recession. 

193- Barter - Wikipedia

194- In the $1.6-trillion mortgage market Canadians don’t even understand the basics.

195- Andrew Yang tears into GDP as an outdated metric to gauge national wellbeing.

196- US and China sign deal to ease trade war.

197- World debt.

198- U.S., China to sign modest trade pact, but much remains to be settled.

199- China is really worried about unemployment. Here's what it's doing to avoid mass layoffs.

200- The world is drowning in debt.