Must be FUN (08/13)

    It has to be fun! I might not be able to consider this a mission statement or a personal philosophy of education but here it is anyway. Let me repeat: Learning has to be F.U.N.    -    Forward-looking     -    Upbeat     -     Nurtured.    My teaching has to be guided by these three principles. A short explanation might be useful. 1- Forward-looking: this to me is a no brainer. Students are at the beginning of their lives and looking positively at the future they can have is a key component for their success. Optimism is also a term I like to use a lot in my subtext. 2- Upbeat corresponds to the energy level present in the learning environment, focusing on dynamic, positive, and engaging actions or events. This stimulating approach creates a sense of purpose and meaning for the learners. 3- Nurtured learning guarantees or at least increases the chances to see enhancement of the desire to obtain more knowledge, develop higher skills, and reach deeper and more complex thinking.

    I try to go by these principles in my own learning and have fun while doing it. It doesn't negate the need for rules, structures, expectations, and rigor. It simply promotes a mind set and asks for the creation of a smiling culture. At least on the inside!