MYP Personal Project (09/15)

This week some thoughts about ...
The grade 10 personal project. What is it?
In a nutshell, it is a yearlong, documented inquiry, where students investigate, plan, showcase, and reflect.
The cumulative aspect of the Middle Years Programme comes alive with the students' personal project in year 5. This is the chance for students to show who they are, what they like, what they care about, how ambitious they are, what type of learners they have become, the list goes on.
The several pieces of the programme come to fruition with students developping their open inquiry: namely the Learner Profile, the Global Contexts, the Approaches to Learning (ATL),  the International Mindedness. 
The inquiry cycle being used for the project keep the students on a fairly structured timeline (see attachment). The supervision of the projects, done by teachers, allows opportunities for feedback and provides time for corrections or refocus throughout the process.
It is an exciting challenge for our grade 10s and for Johnston Heights.
I am convinced that we will be proud of, and in some cases, surprised by our students when they showcase their projects in March 2016.
Enjoy the experience!
 IBMYP Coordinator