The MYP Top Ten #9

The Global Eagle – Week of December 12 to 16


MYP Top 10

1- The Learner Profile
2- Concept based learning
3- Inquiry Questions
4- Global Contexts
5- Assessment
6- Differentiation

7- Collaborative Planning

8- Interdisciplinary Learning

9- Approaches to Learning
As we continue deepening our understanding of the Middle Years Programme, this week I invite you to read about MYP’s Approaches To Learning skills (ATLs). As we support our students so they become better at learning, self-regulating, and developing resilience, we have to explicitly teach these Approach To Learning skills. Collectively we have a greater impact on our students progress as learners. Have a look at the From Principles into Practice guide (pages 20-21) where ATLs are discussed.



MYP Coordinator