MYP education, where to start?

It is September soon and you are hoping for the best. You are in your classroom getting ready to teach a subject (maybe a new curriculum) and to teach unfamiliar students. You are ready to be an IB educator, but where do you start?
At JH, the Middle Years Programme provides you with a framework summarized here in 10 easy steps:
  1. You want your students to grow using the 10 attributes of the Learner Profile as aspirational goal.
  2. Your subject's content is structured and delivered around Key Concepts & Related Concepts.
  3. You want your class to be inquiry based so you ask 3 types of questions: factual, conceptual, and debatable.
  4. You want your course to have some real world relevance by including an exploration of a Global Context to frame your unit.
  5. Your students need to know what they are expected to learn and how they will be assessed, so you use criterion and rubrics.
  6. You differentiate process and product making sure that everyone can be successful.
  7. You have other colleagues in your department to talk to, maybe during collaboration time, about what you expect students to learn at each grade level.
  8. You have colleagues from other departments with whom you can work and develop an Interdisciplinary unit.
  9. You want your students to become better at learning, self-regulating, and developing resilience, you explicitly teach them Approach To Learning skills.
  10. You reflect on your practice and look for ways to sustain or improve it.
If you are already doing all of this or working your way towards it, you are an IB educator and probably proud to share our common humanity.