My 48th revolution


    I am finishing my 48th revolution around the sun.  On this planet that Albert Jacquard once called Space Raft Earth, one is traveling at an orbital speed of around 30 kilometers per second without noticing it, almost! A quick look in the mirror would even though tell otherwise, it amazes me how time seems to be running still. I can't deny the increased busyness of daily life, from the complex world interactions to the struggles for subsistence or the graceful enjoyment of abundance. I see myself today, about to finish another loop, thinking about so many things that already, say thirty years ago, were accompanying me. Peace, equality, equity, global future being only a few of them. I don't know if I have a better grip on them, a deeper understanding of what they mean. Early on in my life I have always wanted to be an agent of change. First to try to understand then act. My mother said to me once: "If you want change, start by understanding and changing yourself".  She was right, or was she? I don't know. One sure thing, I took her advice and it kept me busy! That is what I am recognizing today. I am being thankful for all the twists and turns of my infinitesimal existence - if you look at it through a 4.5 billion years galactic lens - taken while "aspiring for a better world" as Prof. Charles Lindblom mentions. But as he continues: "aspiring is not enough, we have to face the complexities of constructing one." Moving forward relentlessly 30 kms per second, I am resolved to keep this humble commitment: to learn, to understand, and to act. Much still needs to be done!