MYP Learner Profile (09/15)

As we are beginning a new school year, I would like to share with you some thoughts about the IB Learner Profile and point out its importance.
What is the IB Learner Profile?
As we are embarking on a new school year it is a good time to consider what an International Baccalaureate school stands for. One of the most important components of the MYP (and of all IB programmes) is the Learner Profile. We need to take the time to  learn it, present it, describe it, and implement it in our classrooms. All of our classrooms. The combined 10 attributes  represent the aspirational goal of what we want our students to become while progressing, growing, and maturing within the Programme.
The Learner Profile helps us put common words onto the behaviours and attitude of minds that we would (idealistically?) see displayed and expressed by our students on a regular basis.
Even though these 10 attributes are not being assessed, their importance is paramount as they act as guidelines and markers. When we are organically incorporating them in our class culture, the framework of learning that is the Middle Years Programme starts taking shape as we are not only teaching a local curriculum but also opening the door to the holistic development of the students we care about.
The attached official IB Learner Profile brochure gives more detail about its importance. Please take a few minutes to get familiar with it and don't hesitate to share its content with your students.
I hope to hear about the different ways we are using the Learner Profile in our classes so we can share our successes.
To help you memorize the 10 attributes, use the acronym: CRIB ROCK TP
Enjoy being an IB learner!

Johnston Heights IBMYP Coordinator
'What you think, you create'