The MYP Top Ten #7

The Global Eagle – Week of November 28 to December 2
MYP Top 10

1- The Learner Profile
2- Concept based learning
3- Inquiry Questions
4- Global Contexts
5- Assessment
6- Differentiation
7- Collaborative Planning
As we continue deepening our understanding of the Middle Years Programme, this week I invite you to read the attached section about MYP Collaborative planning. The International Baccalaureate is a community of Professional Learners. Professional development and personal engagement matter as we are collaboratively implementing and delivering the programme. Working together in our subject areas sharing ideas, teaching strategies, and expertise is key and at the essence of the International Baccalaureate philosophy of learning and teaching.
The MYP framework does not prescribe a way of doing things in the taught curriculum. That remains in the field of expertise shared between colleagues. IB rather provides guidance and structure for creative inquiry, development of multiple perspectives, and collaboration in the written and assessed curricula.
I invite you this week to have a look at the  From Principles into Practice guide (pages 52-59) where collaborative curricular planning is discussed.


MYP Coordinator