With Passion (08/14)

Do you share and communicate your passion (a strong and barely controllable emotion) ?

The relationship between teacher and students is often one of power. Teachers trained to deliver curriculum and with experience become experts at it. They lead students and usually students go along. Making a school subject mandatory doesn't necessarily make it enjoyable. Could passion be the "spoonful of sugar making the medicine go down"? What is passion? Does it require more from the educator to show and share their passion? If we have to ask students to show passion and engagement in their learning, they first should be inspired. Passion can bring the inspiration. Passion is the spark!

If the educator does not convey passion to the students it is to be expected that students in return will be reluctant to reveal and share theirs. What makes students be willing to unfold their intimate interests? For a start, trust, a true sense of community, the understanding that they will be respected. First, it stems from the school climate and culture already established. Second, the classroom culture is equally important. The teacher is responsible for setting it up. It is a leadership role and students, consciously or not, are expecting it to be there expressed to them.

Being passionate about what you teach is fundamental. If it is not there, that is the end of the magic of education and of the golden role of the teacher. Teachers do not essentially and uniquely play the role of manager of resources or time keeper of activities. They also need to inspire. In the second decade of the 21st century this is sometimes harder to do. Being a good classroom manager and an expert content delivery manager is not sufficient anymore. More than ever articulating a sense of purpose is what is required. Commitment, collegiality, best effort, resilience represent proper values that we need to foster and role model but the deeper sharing of what we truly like and enjoy in life as people can enhance students desire to learn about themselves and ignite their sense of discovery to become curious in finding their own passion and maybe their boost their desire to learn more :-)

                      My Passion Project, May 2014